Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Website

So after months of work, and neglecting to update my blog. I now am operating out of a new and improved website On it you will find a regularly updated blog. Fish of the Week photo blog, and a Tying blog.

See you there.

Monday, November 8, 2010

2010 Season Wrap-Up

I can't believe that we are now in early November, and this year's season on the Green is effectively over. While it is somewhat odd to realize that it's over, it is also encouraging to know that we are only a little ways away from the beginning of the fishing to come.

This years fishing was overall fantastic. With the lack of cicada's in the early season it made for more and better dry fly fishing late into the year. Never before have I seen the dry fly fish so well all the way to mid-October, and frankly it was a lot of fun. The fish responded to small brown and black ants with incredible consistency in the upper stretches. And continued to take hoppers on the lower stretches all the way until the first big storms started to happen.

July was a fantastic month filled with Caddis, Yellow-Sallies, and Hoppers. August was more of the same. And September was the beginning of the madness that carried us through to mid October.

Now all we can do is to enjoy some good winter fishing, some midges and baetis up top, and a bit of nymphing and streamers to add some spice. And bide our time until the Spring where great dry and nymph fishing will begin yet again.

Monday, August 23, 2010

It's about time....

.... for a little more consistency on new posts. My new computer is up and running and full of awesomeness. I have some good pics to put up. It's time to actually make a showing on this beast again.

The dry fly fishing has been alright, not quite reaching spectacular, but still good. The fish are looking up for ants, and some hoppers in the later day. Some good fish have been caught in the last few weeks. Here are a few of the highlights and a couple good ones from the shoot with ray ray.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some Pics From July

So July has been an eventful month. And i haven't been on the net much lately. But I have some great photos courtesy of my buddy Ray Gadd ( ). Who came out and did a trip early in the month. I have to say they were incredible.

More to come.........

Saturday, June 26, 2010

June Wrap Up

So here we are, almost to the end of June, and what a month it's been. The fishing has been slow at best, without anything major to get the fish looking up, we've had to work real hard for as few as 10 solid eats in a full day of dry fly fishing. But it's looking up, we just may see cicadas yet. I have been hearing buzzers (Cicada Magnifica (17 year cycle)) as high as the first half mile of the river, and been getting a few real good eats on smaller cicada patterns from Diving Board down. And it seems like it's only getting better. Let's just hope that this weather keeps up.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

June is Here

So here we are in the beginning of June, and there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the weather is shifting towards beautiful. The sky has been blue and clear, and the heat is definitely on it's way. Unfortunately though we have yet to see many signs of cicada's. I think that I might have seen a couple holes on the bank from the Pupae emerging from the ground. But have yet to see any naturals on the water, or seen or heard any in the trees.

It is possible that we will be seeing them this season, as long as the ground temperatures continue to rise at a steady rate. It might not be too late. And remember that those years that we do not get cicadas, it makes for an even more impressive and productive dry fly fishing season in late August and September because the fish have been a little less educated to the imitations of varied terrestrials being thrown their way.

But even if the Cicada's don't make an appearance this year I am seeing a lot of flying ants both in the water and on the bank. And if they continue to be available to the trout for a week or so, that should be enough to get the fish looking up and more consistent terrestrial eats should be on the way. As well as the forecasts for an enormous amount of hoppers to be out and about. And with the weather getting as warm as it is, this should be sooner rather than later.

And don't forget about the annual PMD and Little Yellow Sally Stonefly hatch on the lower river in Late June and early July (which seems to be getting better every year), and the still possible emergence of the Large Cicadaea Magnifica (16 year cycle) Cicadas on the lower river in early July.

But for now, we are getting a good response (for high flows) to attractor style worm patterns being trailed by zebra midges, and small gray emerger patterns or small gray or olive scud patterns. And as the flows continue to subside, the fish should be spreading out into the river taking over some of the lower flow lies, and making them more readily available to the fishermen.

I have every belief that this season is shaping up for some good fishing and you should begin making your plans to come and visit the Green.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring Fishing on The Green 2010

So spring on the Green is in full swing. And typical to this time of year, the weather cannot make up it's mind. As I write this, the sky is blue, with temps in the High 50's it is gorgeous outside. Pretty impressive considering that yesterday it was blowing snow and below freezing. This years weather has been some of the overall windiest I have seen so far.

But, not to be discouraged, the fishing has been pretty darn good in spite of the weather. Multiple, highly productive days have been had. Even with the inclement weather conditions. Fishing sub surface has been stupidly easy. I have fished basically the same rig for two weeks now. A Zebra midge, and a Ju Ju Baetis sz. 18 fished below two no. 4 split shots suspended about 7 ft. from the indicator to the weight. The flies are separated from the weight and each other by about 12-15". Once I hit the lower 2 miles of river (Starting at Mother in Law Rapids) I have been shortening the rig to about 4.5 feet to the first fly from the indicator.

While the dry fly has not been as successful as I would prefer. With a little work good days can be had fishing the usual dry fly spots. And if you make it into the lower river early enough the Baetis have been coming out from Secret Riffle down. And that hatch seems to be pretty fair, just short lived.

Good Luck out there.